Why Mistaway

Do Mosquito Misting Systems Really Work?

breeding-mosquitos-pearland-leaguecity“Control insects around your home, vegetation, office, livestock, outdoor activities, pool and other areas.”

You and your family can now enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects by using the “Mist-Away” System that sprays a natural Pyrethrum solution, which is extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers. While non-toxic to warm blooded animals, Pyrethrum is deadly to insects like mosquitoes. It kills mature insects and prevents the laying of their eggs, thereby preventing breeding of mosquitoes, spiders, flies, gnats, wasps, fleas and ticks.

The number one benefit in owning the MistAway® Mosquito Misting system is simply being able to enjoy an evening meal outside & the fact you can feel good about having your children and pets outside without worrying about mosquitoes, flies and fleas.

Many people moving from Northern climates to Texas coastal communities are not aware of the mosquito outbreaks that can happen just about any time in warmer months. It’s a fact that mosquitos, fleas, ticks and other biting insects can carry diseases such as the West Nile Virus. This disease can cause serious illness and sometimes death. Since 1999, there have been over 3000 cases of West Nile Virus resulting in over 200 deaths.

mosquitos-standing-water-Water from heavy rains and floods can make standing water stagnant and create the perfect breeding area for mosquitos and other biting insects.


At American Outdoor Mosquito Control you can rest assured that you will have effective control over mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, ticks and fleas.

Whether you choose our innovative tankless misting unit or our traditional drum-top mosquito mister, you are purchasing a professional quality appliance that will provide care-free service for years to come.

At AOMC, we work hard to provide quality mosquito & insect control that reduces bites to your your family and pets. You can depend on us to effectively control those uninvited pests with our affordable, smart and eco-friendly systems..

We provide effective control of biting insects such as:

  • Mosquitos
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Flies

Every Mistaway® System we install is:

Weather Tough: Although it will be exposed to the elements – direct sunlight, high temperatures, rain, humidity – season after season, you should expect your mosquito misting system to run with little care or attention for many years. From our high quality stainless steel mosquito misting nozzles, to the viton seals on our pumps and fittings, our system’s components are selected for their durability. They’ll ensure that you continue to enjoy the carefree benefits of backyard mosquito control for a long time.

Easy To Use: While your mosquito control system should require minimal attention on your part, you’ll occasionally need to interact with it. Whether its activating a remote mist prior to an evening cookout and then temporarily turning the system off while your guests are outside, or changing the timing of a programmed mist, we’ve designed an easy-to-use intuitive interface that won’t leave you searching for your owner’s manual.

Smart: MistAway’s systems offer important features that our competitors’ can’t. For example, all of our systems are designed to prevent a siphon in the nozzle circuit and are capable of recognizing a leak and shutting the system off until it can be repaired. They can be configured with a sensor so that the system will inhibit a mist if the wind is too strong. And with agitation prior to each cycle, the insecticide concentration of each mist is the same every time.

Our skilled professionals have access to the latest tools and technology. They can use treatments that Interrupt breeding cycles your environment. The treatments will be effective against the pests with minimum risk to your family or your pets.

Why use us?

  • Family-friendly and environmentally responsible treatment methods
  • Effective Control from up to 6 outdoor pests
  • Pet Friendly
  • Scheduling at your convenience with service performed by trained professionals
  • Angies List
  • Member BBB
  • Member League City Chamber Of Commerce

The process of purchasing a mosquito misting system is similar to buying any other installed appliance with an ongoing service requirement. With MistAway’s mosquito misting systems, in addition to being routinely replenished with insecticide during the mosquito season, the misting control unit and nozzle circuit must be periodically maintained, and in some climates, winterized.

Contact American Outdoor Mosquito Control at (832) 641-0169 today and take the first step toward a more comfortable backyard.