The Pyrethrum Mosquito Outdoor Control System…

  • Kills mosquitos, ticks, fleas, spiders, flies and other disease carrying & biting insects
  • The insecticide is a highly diluted mixture of Pyrethrum and water.
  • The “system” consist of a reservoir, pump, several nozzles, and a timer that controls the two (2) 45 second sprays cycles per day
  • Pyrethrum has been used for over 70 years worldwide to help control a host of nuisance insects
    while being safe for humans and mammals.
  • Pyrethrum is the insecticide of choice for use in food processing plants, hospitals, and
    stock barns, etc.

What doe it cost to have a system installed?
For an average sized residence, a system will cost approximately $2500.

Can I buy the insecticide at Home Depot or other outlets?
It’s not recommended. This product must be water based so as to not damage the pump or nozzles

How long before the system starts working to kill mosquitos?
One Day!

Why should I pick American Outdoor Mosquito Control to install my system
MistAway® is the world leader in mosquito misting systems.

- American Outdoor was one of the 1st dealers, approved in 2003.
- We carry a $1,000,000 Liability policy
- We go the extra mile to provide the best installation. For example: all underground tubing is enclosed in PVC to protect against damage.
- When we install in locations near saltwater, we use stainless steel screws to prevent rust.
- American Outdoor has never had a complaint lodged with MistAway or any other entity.
- We have the highest rating with Angies List.
- We have attended all of the training that has been made available
- We install in-line micro filters with every system to prolong nozzle life.

How do I get started?
Simply call American Outdoor Mosquito Control for a Free, No obligation presentation & quote. (832) 641-0169

We accept: pay-by-credit-card-outdoor-mosquito-control.com

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